ООО «Химспециализация»
Производитель и поставщик ортофосфорной кислоты, серной, ТНФ, ТПФ
+7 (496) 449 38 58
Балаковский ф-л АО «Апатит», ТУ 2143-002-34179766-97
72 000 руб. за тонну
85 000 руб. за тонну
80 000 руб. за тонну
138 000 руб. за тонну
141 000 руб. за тонну
72 000 руб. за тонну
72 000 руб. за тонну
ГОСТ 201-76 (изготовитель АО "Ветлужский Химический Завод")
78 500 руб. за тонну
Россия, АО "Апатит" ВФ, ТУ 2121-342-00209438-04
116 500 руб. за тонну
ТУ 2638-001-13199776-2014
3 200 руб. за тонну
Славнефть-ЯНОС (Ярославль), ГОСТ 2184-2013
15 200 руб. за тонну
115 000 руб. за тонну
Кислота азотная неконцентрированная высшего сорта
25 000 руб. за тонну
Цена за тонну с НДС, без тары
88 000 руб. за тонну

Доставка продукции по России

Мы сотрудничаем со следующими транспортно-экспедиционными компаниями при отгрузке продукции по России ООО «Первая экспедиционная компания»ООО «Деловые линии»ООО «Автотрединг» и с рядом других компаний. Цены доставки вы можете уточнить у представителей перечисленных компаний.

Proposal for Suppliers

Our company is interested in cooperation with foreign suppliers. At the present time we actively work with our partners from China and Kazakhstan. And we are open to broadening our geography and to new partnership relations.

Please forward your business proposals at: info@h3po4.ru

You can also send there any questions regarding our company's activities.


Цех по производству тринатрийфосфата на прдеприятии ВМУ находится на реконцструкции (заказы на ТНФ временно не принимаются).

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Address to Customers

Our company Khimspetsializatsiya Ltd. specializes in delivering of orthophosphoric acid and its derivatives to all regions of Russia and CIS countries (including railway delivery). In contrast to other companies we don't have a long price-list with hundreds of positions
and incomprehensible workflows. We sell exceptionally orthophosphoric acid of different kinds as well as its derivatives (sodium tripolyphosphate, trisodium phosphate).  

General director Kirov D.P.
General director Kirov D.P.

Khimspetzializatziya Ltd. doesn't betray its clients. We ensure adequate cooperation conditions so, our clients trust our company. Credence given to us is proven by high quality products and efficient services.

We are ready to discuss our prices with
reliable partners and big wholesale customers as well as provide them with postponement
of payments and twenty-four-hour deliveries.

Khimspetsializatsiya Ltd. (The City of Voskresensk, Moscow Region)

В июле резко повышена стоимость на орфтофосфорную кислоту по причинам ограничения отгрузки производителем.
Поставка ортофофсфорной кислоты от производителя
Поставка серной кислоты от производителя
Очистка кислот по требованиям заказчика
Поставка ортофофсфорной кислоты от производителя
Поставка ортофофсфорной кислоты от производителя

Manufacturer And Supplier of Orthophosphoric Acid and its Derivatives

Our company Khimspetsializatsiya Ltd. was created in 2010 as a result of reorganization of KSK Ltd.  By that time the company has had fifteen years' work experience in the field of orthophosphoric acid manufacturing and delivering.

We are permanent suppliers of H3PO4 (orthophosphoric acid) and its derivatives for a certain number of major Russian enterprises. After many years of work our company has shown itself only to good advantage. Our specialists are always ready to come to a customer personally for settling any problems.

It is our speciality to sell orthophosphoric acid and its derivatives and we have mastered it perfectly and we continue to develop our skills pursuing market trends. We are sure that our offer will be the most beneficial for you. We sell orthophosphoric acid on favourable terms, in any volumes, delivering to any region.

Once being our partner, you will never be disappointed with the quality of supply products as well as service provided by Khimspetsializatsiya Ltd.

Disciplined and professional team of our company will release you from delivery mess-ups. Our qualified specialists will always provide you with detailed consultation and the most actual information about our products. We keep up very attentively with the market and, depending on its tendencies, we ensure timely change of prices (including to the downside) for orthophosphoric acid and other proposed products.